Lovina Beach is a laid back 12 km stretch of coast to the west of Singaraja in North Bali. It is a welcome break from the bustle of the south.

'Relaxed' is one of the best ways to describe Lovina. This low-key beach resort is the polar opposite of Kuta. This is where you catch up on your journal, ponder a sunset, finish a book or simply let one day disappear into the next. The beaches here are safe for swimming because of the calm surf. Lovina is sun-drenched, with patches of shade from palm trees. A highlight every afternoon at fishing villages like Anturan is watching prahu (traditional outrigger canoes) being prepared for the night's fishing; as sunset reddens the sky, the lights of the fishing boats appear as bright dots across the skyline. The Lovina tourist area stretches over 12 km, and consists of a string of coastal villages. The main road west of Lovina passes temples, farms and towns while it follows the thinly developed coast. You'll see many vineyards, where the grapes work overtime producing the sugar used in Bali's sweet local vintages.