Candidasa, a relaxed resort with a wide choice of accommodation and restaurants. A good center for snorkeling and diving. Padang Bai is a small town serving as a ferry port to Lombok island.

Candidasa is a relaxed spot on the route east, with hotels and some great restaurants. The relaxed seaside ambience and sweeping views from the hotels built right on the water appeal to a more mature crowd of visitors. Candidasa is a good base from which to explore the interior of east Bali on a walk; it's also a place to spend some quiet time. Padang Bai is is an attractive stop: it sits on a small bay and has a nice little curve of beach. A compact seaside backpackers’ hub offers cheap places to stay and some fun cafes. The pace is slow, but should ambition strike there's good snorkeling and diving plus some easy walks and a couple of great beaches. Meanwhile you can soak up the languid air punctuated by the occasional arrival and departure of a ferry.