Munduk is a mountain retreat in the north of Bali set on a ridge running down from the northwestern rim of the Bedugul caldera.

The village of Munduk is one of Bali's most appealing mountain retreats. It has a cool misty ambience set among lush hillsides covered with jungle, fruit trees and scenic rice terraces. Waterfalls tumble off precipices by the dozen. There are many hikes and treks and a number of really nice places to stay, from old Dutch colonial summer homes, to retreats where you can immerse yourself into local culture. Many people come for a day and stay for a week or more. Archaeological evidence suggests there was a developed community in the Munduk region between the 10th and 14th centuries. When the Dutch took control of north Bali in the 1890s, they experimented with planting cash crops, establishing coffee, vanilla, cloves and cocoa plantations.